Scholarship program | Alliance Sport-Études

Scholarship program

The Fondation Sport-Études is proud to award scholarships to our most deserving student-athletes. Our scholarship program has two divisions: national grants and regional grants.


There are three types of National Grants:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Perseverance
  • Athlete and Academic Achievement

Academic and athletic results are considered when evaluating applications.


A 500 $ scholarship is awarded by the Desjardins Foundation to an Alliance Sport-Études student-athlete in each member college. The main selection criterion is academic perseverance and the recipient is chosen by the college.


  1. Complete the application form online before deadline.
  2. Be an Alliance Sport-Études member when applying for the scholarship and during the entire fall semester.*

*An Alliance Sport-Études student-athlete during the fall who registers in a non-member institution in the winter semester will not be eligible to the scholarship program.


National and Regional Grants :

In the beginning of the Winter semester (January), all Alliance Sport-Études student-athletes will receive information by email to submit their application. The applications are completed through an online form.