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1. Am I eligible to be an Alliance Sport-Études student-athlete?
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Specific selection criteria establish which student-athletes satisfy the requirements of Alliance Sport-Études.

  1. Be admitted to an Alliance Sport-Études member college or university.
  2. A) Play in the QMJHL, QJHL (LHJQ) or the LHMAAAQ
    B) Be identified as an Excellent, Elite, Relève or Espoir athlete by a federation recognized by the Ministry of education and higher education.

For additional information, consult the following link:


2. How can I find out if I’m an identified athlete in my federation?
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Contact your provincial sports federation to find out if you are an identified athlete. They can explain the criteria for each of the four different categories.

3. What support am I entitled to as a student-athlete member?
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There are several benefits available to you as a member of the Alliance. You can organize your course schedule according to your needs as an athlete. In addition, all your sports-related absences may be justified, enabling you to take examinations after a competition abroad, for example. A sport-études representative at your college or university is also on-site to counsel and support you along your academic and sports path. Lastly, the Alliance Sport-Études academic success counsellor is available to discuss any academic problems that might arise along the way.

For more detailed information about the services offered, consult the website at

4. How do I register for Alliance Sport-Études?
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If you meet all the eligibility criteria, visit the Alliance Sport-Études website and complete a registration form online. The Alliance Sport-Études team will confirm your eligibility before sending you a reply regarding your admissibility. You may consult the status of your application at any time through the Alliance Sport-Études portal.

If you have questions, contact us at 514 -271-7403 ext. 0.

5. Do I have to register each semester to remain a member of Alliance Sport-Études?
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You will be automatically re-registered once you are part of the Alliance Sport-Études and you continue to satisfy the eligibility criteria, so you do not have to fill out any other forms.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you change schools during your studies so that we can give you the contact information for your new sport-études representative.

6. When can I register for Alliance Sport-Études?
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Registration for the fall semester takes place from the end of January to March 1. Late registration takes place up to August 1.

Registration for the winter semester takes place from the end of September to November 1. Late registration takes place up to January 1.

7. Does it cost anything to register in Alliance Sport-Études?
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Yes. There are fees for opening a file when a student-athlete submits an application for admission. The fees are $40 or $80 for late applications.

The fees for opening a file must be paid before you can be admitted to Alliance Sport-Études.

8. Is it true that taking distance courses might adversely affect my R-score?
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No. The R-score of a student taking regular courses is calculated a little differently from that of a student taking distance courses. A diligent student who respects proposed deadlines and who doesn’t hesitate to contact his tutor if there is a problem has as much chance of passing distance courses and receiving the appropriate R-score.

For more information on how the R-score is calculated at Cégep à distance, consult http://cegepadistance.ca/en/home-students/informations-and-services/important-informations/r-score/.

9. Does Cégep à distance offer every course?
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10. Is it true that I can take a distance course specially designed for student-athletes instead of my third regular humanities course?
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Yes, student-athletes can take a distance course called “Éthique et Dopage” in place of the third college humanities course.

To register, contact the sport-études representative at your college.

11. Can I receive credit for my physical education courses?
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No. However, according to the rules established by each member institution, the regular physical education courses may be replaced by RAC or by adapted courses. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must apply to your sport-études representative. You can also take the three regular physical education courses, like any other student.

12. How do I register for a distance course?
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Student-athletes must meet with the sport-études representative at their college to register for distance courses, to obtain visiting student status (a commandite), or information about registration fees, and lastly, to fill out the necessary registration forms.

13. Can I register for any course I want each college semester?
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One of the advantages of being an Alliance student-athlete member is that you can organize your course schedule according to your sports schedule, provided that the selected courses are available. Where possible, your college sport-études representative will help you select courses based on your needs as much as possible and according to course availability.

You must reconcile your sport and your studies, and therefore, you must select the number of courses appropriate in your circumstances. The sport-études representative is there to help you with your course selection. Don’t forget that some laboratory courses might require more frequent attendance and some courses might be prerequisites for others.

14. What should I do if I have difficulty with some teachers about missing lectures, exams or assignments?
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It is very important that you notify your teachers and the sport-études representative about your absences ahead of time to facilitate communication and the rescheduling of exams and assignments. If some teachers are less understanding, the sport-études representative can intervene and help solve the problem. Alliance Sport-Études sends out an information document to teachers at the beginning of the semester that explains the situation of student-athletes.

15. What happens if I fail courses at college?
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It is important to contact your institution’s sport-études representative as soon as you fail a course in order to find the proper solution to your specific situation. You have several options, including, for example, registering for a summer course so that you don’t have to extend your studies or taking the course over the next semester. Be careful though, several courses are prerequisites and it is absolutely necessary to pass them in order to advance in your studies. This is why it is important to consult your representative on any issues involving your academic progress.

For more information about the academic success of Alliance student-athletes, contact our sport-study conciliation advisor at 514-271-7403 ext. 235.

16. Can I extend my schooling over several semesters and still be admitted to limited enrolment programs?
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Yes. As an Alliance Sport-Études student-athlete, your application can still be considered even if you take three years to complete college studies instead of two. However, each university has its own criteria and it is important to check the admission requirements on their website. Where requested, Alliance Sport-Études can provide a reference letter for inclusion with your university application.

For more information about admission into limited enrolment programs, contact our sport-study conciliation advisor at 514-271-7403 ext. 235.

17. Am I eligible for scholarships as an Alliance Sport-Études member?
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Yes. Alliance Sport-Études created the Fondation Sport-Études in order to award scholarships to our most deserving student-athletes.

For more information, consult the Programme de bourses section under the Fondation Sport-Études menu.

18. What are the scholarship criteria?
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The Fondation Sport-Études awards two types of scholarships: national and regional.

National scholarships: ($2, 500)


  1. Be a member of Alliance Sport-Études on the date the scholarship application was submitted and remain enrolled throughout the entire fall semester.
  2. If you are eligible, your sports federation will send you the information to complete an online application.

Regional scholarships: ($500)

A $500 scholarship is awarded by the Fondation Desjardins in each Alliance Sport-Études member college and university.


  1. Be enrolled in an Alliance Sport-Études member college or university.
  2. Selection criteria vary from college to college, but academic and sporting results as well as perseverance are considered.
19. How do I apply for scholarships?
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At the beginning of the winter semester, all Alliance Sport-Études student-athletes will be sent information by email on submitting a scholarship application.

20. When can I submit a scholarship application?
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At the beginning of the winter semester.